You can create lists using the fo:list-block element for the entire list, and fo:list-item elements for each item. The fo:list-item element then consists of one fo:list-item-label element and one fo:list-item-body element:

// Create a new list block
FoListBlock list = new FoListBlock();

// Iterate through each item
foreach (var item in items) {

    // Initialize a new list item
    FoListItem li = new FoListItem {
        Label = new FoListItemLabel(),
        Body = new FoListItemBody()

    // Add the list item to the list block


You can add any content you wish to both the fo:list-item-label the fo:list-item-body. For the label, it would typically be sufficient to just add a hypen or similar:

// Use a simple hyphen for the label
li.Label.Add(new FoBlock("-"));

You could also create your own int variable in C# and then increment it for each item to create a numbered list instead. For the item body, we could add a new fo:block with the name of the item, and show it in bold:

li.Body.Add(new FoBlock(feature.FeatureName) {
    FontWeight = FoFontWeight.Bold