As TwentyThree is a hosted solution, your organisation likely has a custom domain - eg. If you go to the /profile/applications page of your custom domain, you can create a new application, which will let you gain access to your TwentyThree data through the API.

The API uses OAuth 1.0a for authentication, which means your created application will have a consumer key and consumer secret that identifies your application, and an access token and access token secret that identifies you as a user. You will need all four to access the API using this package.

The package revolves around the TwentyThreeOAuthClient and TwentyThreeHttpService. The client is the low level implementation of the API for handling the request to the API and OAuth 1.0a communication, while the service is a strongly typed implementation that builds on top of the client.

You can initialize new client and service instances as shown below:

@using Skybrud.Social.TwentyThree
@using Skybrud.Social.TwentyThree.OAuth
@inherits WebViewPage


    // Initialize a new OAuth client
    TwentyThreeOAuthClient client = new TwentyThreeOAuthClient {
        ConsumerKey = "Your consumer key",
        ConsumerSecret = "Your consumer secret",
        Token = "Your access token",
        TokenSecret = "Your access token secret"

    // Initialize a new service instance
    TwentyThreeHttpService service = TwentyThreeHttpService.CreateFromOAuthClient(client);