Below you'll find a list of the tags used by our many different packages.

.NET 4.0 .NET 4.5 .NET 4.6 .NET 4.6.1 .NET 4.6.2 .NET 4.7 .NET 4.7.1 .NET 4.7.2 .NET 4.8 .NET 5 .NET 6 .NET 7 .NET 8 .NET Standard 1.1 .NET Standard 1.3 .NET Standard 2.0 .NET Standard 2.1 301 307 affaldplus analytics analytics-api api api-client api-wrapper asp.net aspnetcore authentication autopilot autopilot-api azure azure-api azure-rest-api backoffice basecamp basecamp-v2 basecamp-v2-api basecamp-v3 basecamp-v3-api basecamp3 bitbucket bitbucket-api blocklist boolean borgerdk checkbox citi cmy cmyk color color-model color-models colors colour colours comma-separated comma-separated-values content-app csharp csv dashboard data date date-picker datetime developer-tool doc-type-grid-editor domain domains dotnet dreambroker dropbox dropbox-api dtge efcore element element-type elements elsevier emply entity-framework entityframework enums essentials examine export facebook facebook-api facebook-graph facebook-graph-api feedback firstagenda flickr flickr-api form formatting-objects forms forms-models geocoding geocoding-api geojson getresponse getresponse-api github github-api github-rest-api google google-analytics google-api grid grid-data grid-editor headless hr-on hr-on-api hron hron-api hsl http hunspell icon icon-picker icons image-picker import instagram instagram-api instagram-graph-api integration integrations internal json leblender limbo limbo-citi limbo-integrations limbo-search link-picker linkedin linkedin-api linkpicker links mailchimp mailchimp-api maps media meetup meetup-api membercare membercare-api meta metadata microsoft microsoft-api mntp models-builder modelsbuilder multi-node-tree-picker net-framework net-standard netframework netstandard nhunspell nuget Nullable OAuth OAuth 2.0 oauth1 oauth1a open-graph package pdf pdf-generator permissions persistence picker pindle pindle-api pinterest pinterest-api placeholder places places-api primary-colors primary-colous property-editor property-editors pure pure-api quickpay quickpay-api Razor Class Library redirects rgb richtext rss rte scheduling search security sendgrid sendgrid-api seo seo-optimization separator single-page-application siteimprove siteimprove-api skybrud skybrud-essentials skybrud-integrations skybrud-search Skybrud.Social skyfish skyfish-api slack slack-api soap social social-skybrud sonos sonos-api spa spotify spotify-api spotify-web-api strava strava-api structured-data svg svg-picker table table-editor tables task-runner textarea textbox time time-picker toggl toggl-track toggl-track-api toggle toogl-api tool twentythree twentythree-api twitter twitter-api twitter-card uimbraco-package umbraco Umbraco 10 Umbraco 11 Umbraco 12 Umbraco 13 Umbraco 14 Umbraco 15 Umbraco 16 Umbraco 17 Umbraco 6 Umbraco 7 Umbraco 8 Umbraco 9 Umbraco Marketplace umbraco-backoffice umbraco-cms umbraco-package umbraco-packages umbraco-property-editor umbravo-v9 unused-media uptime-robot uptime-robot-api uptimerobot uptimerobot-api user-permissions value-converter video video-picker videos videotool videotool-api vimeo vimeo-api web-api web-service webapi webservice wellknowntext windows-live xml xsl-fo youtube youtube-api youtube-api-v3