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Getting information about a person

A user on Vimeo is referred to as a person (or people in plural). The People endpoint exposes a GetInfo method to get information about a given person by either the ID or the username of the user.

The partial Razor view below illustrates how you can use the GetInfo method (along with some of the properties available for a person):

@using Skybrud.Social.Vimeo.Advanced
@using Skybrud.Social.Vimeo.Advanced.Responses

@inherits WebViewPage<VimeoHttpService>

    // Get information about a specific user
    VimeoUserResponse response = Model.People.GetInfo("umbraco");

    <pre><strong>ID:</strong> @response.Person.Id</pre>
    <pre><strong>Username:</strong> @response.Person.Username</pre>
    <pre><strong>Display name:</strong> @response.Person.DisplayName</pre>
    <pre><strong>Created on:</strong> @response.Person.CreatedOn</pre>
    <pre><strong>Bio:</strong> @response.Person.Bio</pre>
    <pre><strong>Location:</strong> @response.Person.Location</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of albums:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfAlbums</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of channels:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfChannels</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of contacts:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfContacts</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of groups:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfGroups</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of likes:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfLikes</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of uploads:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfUploads</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of videos:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfVideos</pre>
    <pre><strong>Number of videos appear in:</strong> @response.Person.NumberOfVideosAppearIn</pre>


The API returns a few more properties, but these are currently not supported in Skybrud.Social.Vimeo.

As an alternative to an ID or a username, you can also specify an OAuth token to get information about the authenticated user.