Version 1.0.1

Date 2016-01-23 (3,105 days ago)
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Target Frameworks .NET 4.5

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Changelog for v1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug in the JSON highlighter where constants like true and false weren't given the proper CSS class in the output (see ab48b2e).
  • The Highlighter class now has a number of methods overloads - eg. rather than specifying a raw JSON string, you can now also specified an instance of JToken from the Newtonsoft.Json package (see 1e094b3).
  • The package now also has a number of extension methods for the HtmlHelper class of ASP.NET MVC. This means that you can now do something like @Html.HighlightJson(myJson). The method will return an instance of HtmlString, so you don't have do to anything to render the output as HTML (see 5723225).